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Have you ever picked up an item from the grocery store and been appalled by how many ingredients are listed on the package? Worst of all, the majority of items listed are near impossible to pronounce and require a “Google search” just to figure out what each item actually is. 

Terra Verde Foods proudly provides our customers with tasty foods that come from authentic, high-quality ingredients. We are renowned for providing tasty, all-natural/organic foods using fresh produce in California that is chemical free. All of our foods are devoid of chemical preservatives, artificial color, flavorings, MSG.

Our business offers a wide variety of products; including Award Winning Hot Sauces, marmalades/preserve that taste fresh (not sugar sweet), sauces, salad dressings and marinades. In addition, we offer all-organic spices and rubs, seasonal specials and foods with no sugar added. Please note, when sugar is added only it is only enough to bring the taste up to ripe fresh fruit!

We work diligently to provide something for everyone regardless of your food preferences. Notably, all of our foods are gluten, soy free, and vegan, though we describe our foods as being “carnivore friendly.” In fact, our spices, rubs, sauces, and marinades greatly enhance the flavor of fish, chicken, pork, beef and lamb. We slow cook our foods in small batches to ensure optimal taste, and we make certain that we complete our mission to provide our customers with delicious foods that are also good for you.

If you have any questions about our products or need help selecting the best options for your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us today.


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Hugh_SandiTerra Verde Foods mission is to make good foods that are good for you.  Our products are made using the best ingredients that we can find to bring you our fresh from the farm flavors.   Fresh fruits and vegetables that are organic or pesticide free plus the use of no chemical preservatives, artificial flavorings, MSG nor GMO ingredients are used in our foods.  Our all natural foods are gluten and soy free, Vegan and vegetarian but we are carnivore friendly.  Our fresh organic produce is low in sugar; some have no added sugars, but contain natural sugars from the fruits and vegetables used.   In those few products that require salt to enhance their flavor we use a low sodium Kosher salt or sol de gris (French grey sea salt).  Our foods are slow cooked in small batches to impart the fresh flavors that we are known for.  One taste and you will return for more…..from our hands to your table.  We hope you enjoy all Terra Verde Foods artisan products.   Back to top of page